Allez, viens a Maastricht!

Allez, Viens! takes you to the industrial area of Maastricht (the Netherlands) where a motley crew of nine young women live in a close-knit community. They strive to live an anti-capitalist lifestyle by sharing all their possessions, food and spaces. While sisters Anna and Amber make plans for their futures apart, it soon becomes clear that adventure is waiting and the girls will each have to prepare to venture off into the unknown. More about…

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‘Allez, Viens!’ is a graduation project from students of the Netherlands Film Academy premiering at the Keep An Eye Film Festival in the EYE Film Museum in Amsterdam on 1 July 2015. Directed by Biserka Suran and produced by Olya van Poppel. More crew…
Biserka Šuran
Biserka ŠuranDirector
Olya van poppel
Olya van poppelProducer


For the film we were able to use some music of musicians that come to perform at the Mandril. Some of the songs were used in the film



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